S.H. Diokno, LLC

Simplifying life’s challenges…..

S.H. Diokno, LLC

Simplifying life’s challenges…..

S.H. Diokno, LLC

Simplifying life’s challenges…..

Simplicity, compassion and commitment….
Positive elements use to guide and navigate your daily challenges.

Mission Statement:

Our lives of today are much more complex than those 50 years ago.

The medical/insurance industries have evolved in becoming a stressful path for many individuals.  Through simple, compassionate and committed strategies, these essential goals can assist in a meaningful lifestyle.


Life should not be so hard!   It does not have to be.


What is a Personal Consultant and what can be done by hiring one?

A private consultant strives to perform positive reinforcement through respect and dedication to their client, careful to stay within professional boundaries, allowing a client to retain their ability to make their own decisions.

  • Provide “one on one” assistance for challenges and concerns; empower clients by educating; providing affirmation
  • Assist in understanding the complexity of the medical processes; what to expect from a physician;how to obtain information relating to any concerns
  • Act as a liaison, collaborating effective communication between vendors/physicians/insurance industry
  • Assist in clarification of your medical statements
  • Access insurance claims/denials for reimbursement
  • Assist with request to organize daily life; suggest tactics for stress free living

Working within Montgomery County, in the medical field for 25+ years, my experience stems from working within various medical offices in the capacity of a clinical assistant, in a office and hospital setting, supervisor and Practice Administrator.  While I am NOT a nurse (RN), over the years I have encountered a mass amount of knowledge working among professionals where I was fortunate to gain skills to allow me to integrate within the medical industry though many medical specialties.

A Code of Conduct and Professional Standards is always implemented when working with clients to assist in the ability to trust and feel comfortable with their consultant.

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