Medication Assessment




The psychiatrists on staff at Potomac Grove Psychiatry are all psychopharmacologists. All of them specialize, specifically, in medication management. When your treatment plan includes psychotherapy, your psychiatrist consults with your psychotherapist to coordinate the treatment.

What you can learn from your symptoms

Symptoms that interfere with your state of well being are indicators that you need to tend to something. Although it is not always clear what is the problem, paying attention and learning as much as you can about the symptoms will help you discover how to help yourself.

Why you might need medication and how it can help

There are times when the healing strategies we are aware of are not adequate by themselves to serve to bring you to a feeling of well being and effective functioning. When these treatment means are not adequate on their own, medication may help. Medication is meant to restore biochemical balances in the central nervous system that are essential to a feeling of well being and effective functioning.

Even if medication is recommended for your treatment regime, it is only a part of your recovery program. Being actively involved in your own treatment will put you on the path to recovery. The speed and completeness of your recovery depend on:

  • Your attitude about depression.
  • Taking the medication and you and your doctor have planned.
  • Recognizing when you need help and asking for it.
  • Working with your doctor and, if you are in therapy, with your therapist.

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