Group Psychotherapy




In a psychotherapy group you use your experience with the group members to become aware of your assumptions and attitudes toward others; your image of yourself; and how all this impacts your experience in life. A group is led by one or two therapists (co-therapists) with specialized education, training, and experience in group therapy.

With your group therapist or co-therapists guiding you, you focus your therapy work on exploring self esteem and other issues that might be impacting you without you realizing it. You learn about yourself, gain insight, and develop effective ways to reach your personal goals.

Your group psychotherapy experience is an opportunity to assess troubling issues, gain insight and awareness of the cause of these issues, and learn about yourself and more effective ways to get your needs met.

Our Women’s Group and Men’s Group were formed to support those who want to looking at themselves and navigate life’s transitions. Focus topics include relationship issues, family dynamics, career roles.

To learn more about group psychotherapy go to the American Group Psychotherapy Association website.

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