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Dr. Louis Ari Kopolow

Gaithersburg Bethesda psychiatristYour difficulty in handling troublesome issues may have a physical (brain and body) as well as psychological (feelings and beliefs) basis.

As a Board Certified psychiatrist for 25+ years, I have specialized training and experience in recognizing and treating emotional and medical issues. I provide a range of treatments including psychotherapy, EMDR, hypnosis, and medication monitoring.

My therapeutic style is active, collaborative, and solution focused. My goal is to help you maximize what is working well for you, and to address whatever is causing problems.

I seek to understand you as a whole person, looking at biology and genetics, sources of stress, personal history, family history, your spirituality, and your present life circumstances.

Together, we explore what is and isn’t working in your life. We examine how your outlook, life experiences, and physical health influence your mood, energy, and concentration. We look for ways to move beyond feeling better, to have you feeling truly well. Then we develop plan that will work for you and that has specific goals.

Areas we concentrate on include:

  • Biological treatment-if appropriate to your needs medication or other approaches to treat the physiological, biochemical issues.
  • Cognitive treatment-the way you are thinking about things, your spiritual views, mission or goals, and perspectives that can serve you better.
  • Actions you can take-perhaps more exercise will help, or developing a better support network of friends.

There are many possibilities, and we work together to identify what’s best for you. Together, we monitor your progress and make modifications as needed.

I have learned from my own experience to use crises as opportunities. I can help you learn to use your problems as opportunities for personal growth and healing as you become the person you want to be.

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