Dr. Judy Tyson, Ph.D.



Dr. Judy Tyson, Ph.D.

 Co-Director, Potomac Grove Psychiatry

All of us have times when life’s challenges stress us. Struggling with family conflict, doubts about choices, troubled relationsDr. Judy Tyson, psychologist, Gaithersburg MDhips, and self esteem concerns can be discouraging. You may be surprised to learn, however, that tackling marital problems, recovering from an affair, and recovery from substance abuse can be can be opportunities for growth.

My approach is to help you explore your personal struggles and use what you learn about yourself to create positive life changes. When you are ready to learn from challenging issues, you are ready to create a better life for yourself, and it is time to seek help.

My style is encouraging, interactive, and solution-focused. Taking a holistic approach, we review your physical health, explore your thoughts, beliefs, values, and feelings to discover how they influence your life. We have the option of using EMDR therapy as well to help you work through upsetting thoughts and feelings from life events that adversely impact your mental health. As you develop life goals, I coach you in making the changes necessary to achieve them.

As a couple’s therapist, my approach takes into account the individual needs and learning style of each adult. Do both of you want to improve the relationship? Are you ready to learn about how you can do your part to improve the connection with your partner? Couples sessions may be a sufficient treatment option. For some couples an effective treatment plan will include individual or group therapy, or attending a weekend couples workshop.

Sometimes, both of you are unhappy in the relationship and one of you does not agree to use therapy. In these situations, it can be helpful for the one who wants to use therapy to have individual sessions. You can learn about your contribution to your troubled relationship. A consultation of four sessions can be a constructive step toward your emotional health.

My husband, Dr. Kopolow, and I co-lead a men’s therapy group specifically for men who would like help with issues of self esteem and how to develop healthy relationships. Step families have challenges particular to the issues that arise in living as a “blended” family.

Even couples who love each other dearly can be at a loss in handling the conflict and misunderstandings that arise in their step family. Issues often can often be clarified as family members are brought together in sessions and the children are helped to express their concerns. Then, the parents can continue in couples sessions to work on the issues that the children have helped them identify.

Therapy can be an effective tool to develop the life and loving relationships you want. The benefits of your therapy will last long after therapy has ended. It can be a wise investment in your future.

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