When you acknowledge that you have concerns, and learn about your symptoms and the treatment available, you are on your way to making your life better. 

Your emotional and physical health, social life, and spiritual well-being are key aspects of functioning well, feeling good, and being satisfied with your life.  These factors affect your ability to manage challenges – and to enjoy yourself.

You may have concerns about what you are feeling or how well you are functioning. Perhaps you are having difficulty with relationships at home or at work. Or you may be wondering whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD or another condition.

Potomac Grove Psychiatry (PGP) offers a wide range of psychotherapy and psychiatric services. Our director, Dr. Louis E. Kopolow, is a top psychiatrist with expertise in recognizing and treating emotional and medical issues.  Our psychiatrist, and psychologist collaborate to individualize treatment for each patient.

In our treatment team approach, we communicate and collaborate in order to coordinate treatment.  We find that this is the way to give our patients the very best care.

Potomac Grove Psychiatry is committed to providing high quality mental health care.

Please note that all communications are conducted via email.  We can be reached at admin1@pgpmd.com 

Let us help you address your concerns.

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Louis E. Kopolow, M.D.


Dr. Kopolow is nationally recognized as a psychopharmacologist for his clinical, educational, and research activities as well as a skilled psychotherapist.


Judy Tyson, PhD 


“My approach is to help you explore your personal struggles and use what you learn about yourself to create positive life changes.”